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'''Charles Benjamin Tayler''' (1797–1875) was a Church of England clergyman and writer for the young. The son of John Tayler, he was born at Leytonstone, Essex, in 1797. He was educated at Guildford under the Rev. William Hodgson Cole, and entered Trinity College, Cambridge, as a fellow commoner on 23 Oct. 1815, graduating B.A. in 1819 and M.A. in 1822. Taking holy orders, he was licensed to a curacy at Hadleigh, Suffolk|Hadleigh in Suffolk in 1821, where he adopted strong Protestantism|Protestant views and a rooted antipathy to Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholicism. He left Hadleigh in 1826, and successively served, each for a short time, curate|curacies in Kent, in Surrey, and in Hampshire. From 1831 to 1836 he had the sole charge of the parish of Hodnet in Shropshire. In 1836 John Bird Sumner, bishop of Chester, presented him to the living of...
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